Back in February, I took a trip to Peru for two weeks with a friend to visit a couple of our besties that are currently living there. It was the first big trip I've taken and it was FUN. 

We hit up the cat park in Lima where there are, for real, cats everywhere. We spent some time at a beach town called Mejia. We bought big hats and went to the horse track. We wore ponchos and drank pisco on a rooftop.

We hiked down into Colca Canyon with a super cool guide to a little oasis of bungalows. We learned about native plants and creatures. We got up at 4:30am to hike out of the canyon (uff!).

We ate a ton of Peruvian food: new fruits, chocolate, potatoes! We thoroughly explored Arequipa.  We hugged a lot. We laughed. What a blast!

If you can make it happen, take a trip somewhere! Adventure is calling!

All photos below by the lovely Jenna Rae (except for the first one with the cats):