Happy February! Let's get mushy.

I just noticed that one of my favorite adventures is back up on Groupon at a steal of a deal so I must share! 

Last winter, my sister and I took a trip up to Ely, MN to go dogsledding at  White Wilderness Sled Dog Adventures. It was AHHH-MAZING! Probably the coolest thing we've ever experienced. 

There are plenty of options for lodging in Ely. We stayed at the Grand Ely Lodge to take advantage of their sauna and swimming pool.

 Pro tips: 
-Unless you're certain that your winter gear is top notch, rent from White Wilderness. It's reasonably priced and it will keep you warm. 
-Bring extra socks with you on the sled trip. Wool or cashmere is nice!
-Hit the sauna when you get back if you stay at the lodge. It will warm you back up in no time!

What to expect: You'll arrive to the kennels in the morning, get suited up with winter gear and then head out to the kennels to get your dogs and hook them up to your sled. And when I say you, I really mean YOU. This is a hands-on day!

Once your dogs are hooked up, you can paper, rock, scissors with whoever you suckered into coming with you to see who gets to drive the sled first and who gets to ride. You'll trade off during your ride through the gorgeous trails of the Superior National Forest.

Midway through the day, you'll stop to warm up and have lunch. The guides will make a fire and get the food going for you. This is a good time to snuggle your dogs, grab some photos and maybe also change into fresh warm socks.

After lunch, you're back on the trails for the rest of the day. These photos really don't do the trip justice. It was legit, the coolest thing ever.

Goodnight, pups! Until next time!