Happy fall, y'all.

Today is the autumn equinox. As Minnesotans, this means that we need to prioritize spending time outside before it's too late. The season-that-shall-not-be-named is coming. Here are a few ideas for fun in the fall. 

1. Get yourself to the Tin Fish on Lake Calhoun immediately. You've only got weeks left to get a fish taco before they close up shop for the winter. 



2. Canoe the St. Croix River. This will be especially wonderful when the leaves change within the next few weeks. I've used Eric's Canoe Rental for canoe rental (duh). They offer a 10-mile or 30-mile trip.  


3. If you can get out on a warm day, scoot over to The Wedge or The Wedge Table for a cone of their coconut soft serve. Walk around outside. Experience happiness. I swoon over the twist combo of both chocolate and vanilla.

4. Check out Franconia Sculpture Park, a big, outdoor park with an awesome variety of sculptures, sure to provide you with at least a couple of good instagram pics. If you pass through Lindstrom on your way to Franconia (via Hwy 8), stop at the Lindstrom Bakery for a doughnut. 


5. Visit the Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard for an apple wine tasting, sunflower maze, petting zoo and hayride. Then swing over to Minnesota's Largest Candy Store for any kind of candy you have ever wanted. 

6. Spend a night rooftop hopping in Uptown. Lynlake Brewery and Moto-i are my favorites, but to make a night of it, you could also check out LibertineUptown Tavern and Rooftop, Stella's Fish Cafe, Amore Victoria, and dare I say it, Cowboy Slims (when it re-opens). 

7. Go jump in the corn pit at Sever's Corn Maze. You will find kernels of corn around your home for days afterwards, but it's worth it. 

8. If you want to stay in the city but still get in the water, check in with the team at Above the Falls Sports for a guided kayaking tour. 

9. Take a bike ride to a few breweries. Sociable Cider Werks has an outdoor bocce ball court and Bauhaus Brew Labs has a killer patio with bags/cornhole. 



10. Have a little fire in your backyard and drink hot tea. Maybe listen to some Dashboard Confessional? It seems simple, but I can't get enough of it.

Let's take advantage of when it still feels good to be outside! Have fun!