A pizza my heart

We've got a few great progressive food tours that happen annually in the Twin Cities like the TC Donut Crawl or Lake Street Taco Tour, but I have yet to see one for pizza (million dollar idea??). Taking this absence into our own hands, my buds and I thought, "Why not also dress as pizzas?" 

This goes into the record book as one of the best days ever. Cannibalism at its finest.

Stop 1: Pizza Luce Uptown - It took me the entire hour we spent here to stop laughing at how ridiculous this was. We don't have many good photos from this stop because we were too busy sending Snapchats and admiring ourselves. #narcissism

Stop 2: Pizza Nea - The pizza here was so good, and the staff was kind enough to put on our spare pizza costume and hang out with us. It was so cute to see the dudes in the group (everyone but me) blushing at the attention they were getting from passing ladies. I'm surprised they haven't started wearing their pizza outfits more often.

Stop 3: Psycho Suzis - Historically, I've known this place more for their giant tiki drinks than their pizza, but this day we had both. A lovely culinary combo.

Aaand after three stops, my untrained stomach was full. Biking home alone dressed as a pizza is the strangest feeling. To live to eat another day!