My friends and family would tell you that it is: FINALLY

I've finally listened. After a couple years of gentle nudges from loved ones, ecstatic shouts from the voice in my own heart and countless signs and symbols all around me, I've turned in the towel at my day job, and transitioned into full-time wedding coordination [and other hijinks].

I have been lovingly nurturing this passion of mine over the last few years, and am so thrilled that it has grown as I had hoped. My cubicle is now my favorite Minneapolis coffee shop. My co-workers are now anyone ready to collaborate. My heart is full and I'm about to explode with excitement. 

My good friend and very talented photographer Jenna Rae and I grabbed some giant balloons and did a mini photo shoot to celebrate. We found ourselves with a very windy day and some unruly balloons, but found friends willing to help us wrangle them... at least until the 'F' blew away. 

The rest of 2015 will be filled with wedding weekends and several surprises in between. More good news to share, especially regarding those other hijinks, coming soon!